"There isn't a pill you can take to make you more beautiful... there are three!"












There is beauty in harmony!

Our lives and bodies improve when things are in harmony. The carefully selected ingredients in Beauty, Weight and Stress work together, as a system, to enhance each other and promote better physical and mental health. These supplements also are designed to work from the inside out and enhance the benefits that you gain by using skin and hair care products—especially with natural and organic ingredients. The skin absorbs ingredients as well, so it is important to use products that contain healthy ingredients.

3 simple steps—the prescribed DrNature® Beauty Regimen:

1. Take one Beauty capsule in the morning with breakfast. In addition to promoting better hair, skin and nails, the super-rich Biotin B vitamin formula works with your body all day to improve glucose uptake in your muscle tissue.

2. Take one or two Stress tablets with lunch and one or two with dinner. One per meal if you are eating lightly, or two if you’re in a period of increased stress or weakened immunity. The antioxidant, B vitamin and herb combination supports you mentally and physically.

3. Take three Weight capsules with lunch and/or dinner (especially to balance foods containing starches – cereals, rice, potatoes, corn, breads, snacks, pasta) but not more than six tablets per day. Increasing the dose doesn’t increase the benefits. Even people within a normal weight range can benefit from the metabolic support provided by this supplement formula.


Using our products and maintaining a healthy attitude and healthy lifestyle will definitely contribute to a more beautiful you.